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        Automobile emergency hardware tool set

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        Multi function emergency hammer: the toughened glass of the car is very hard.
        Multi function emergency hammer: the toughened glass of the car is very hard. It is hard to break with bricks or even wooden or iron bars. At the critical moment, an emergency hammer is needed to open the escape door. However, this device is often found on closed air-conditioned buses, but not on ordinary cars. But we have better to offer you: multi-functional emergency hammer, as well as cutting safety belt and lighting, warning and other functions. Always have a car in case of emergency, or you can help others when they are in trouble.

        First aid medical kit: the medical kit is equipped with all kinds of dressings, bandages, safety pins, cool oil, iodine cotton sticks, compound alcohol wipes, band aids, tweezers, small scissors and other professional first-aid supplies, so that the owner can timely and effectively rescue the injured in an emergency, which is necessary for driving.

        Battery connecting line (across Jianglong): when the car cannot be started without power, it can be started through another vehicle's battery. Attention shall be paid during use: there shall be no contact between the two vehicles, and the electronic system of the two vehicles shall have the same voltage. If the battery is frozen, you can't use the battery to start the ground wire.

        Plug in fuse: if the headlight doesn't work or the wiper doesn't move when using the vehicle, it should be suspected that the fuse is damaged. Generally, the fuse of headlight is 20A or 30A. When replacing the fuse, it must be consistent with the original fuse specification, and the current level of the fuse cannot be increased arbitrarily. If the replaced fuse is burnt out immediately, it means that the circuit has a short-circuit fault. Please ask professional personnel to remove the fault and install the fuse again. Never increase the fuse specification to deal with it, otherwise it is likely to cause fire.

        Large capacity fire extinguisher: it is specially reminded that this kind of fire extinguisher must be scrapped 10 years after the ex factory date. When the pressure indicator is lower than the green area, it shall be replaced in time.

        Foldable reflective warning sign: when your car needs to stop for inspection when there is a problem, put it 50 meters away from the back of your car to remind passers-by to slow down in advance.

        Vehicle air pump: in the highway, field or any place, if the tire suddenly leaks air, the air pump can play its emergency function.

        Nylon trailer rope: it can mend the broken tire without removing the tire. In addition, it is necessary to prepare a trailer belt that can drag a 3-ton vehicle at least, so that it can be easily towed when the vehicle breaks down. Waterproof tape is used for circuit waterproof, oil pipe break maintenance, etc., and insulating tape is used for circuit maintenance.

        There are also insulation tape, tire repair tools, tire inflation self filling dual-purpose wrench, ring wrench, open-end wrench, double end single wrench, boutique wrench, T-wrench, multi-purpose wrench, combination wrench production and development and other hardware tools

        With the car emergency tool set, you can travel more safely and happily.
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