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        Hardware industry needs to find the spirit of craftsman

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        Once upon a time, craftsman was an indispensable profession in the daily life of the Chinese people.

        Once upon a time, craftsman was an indispensable profession in the daily life of the Chinese people. Carpenters, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, stonesmiths, and smiths made use of their exquisite skills to lay the foundation for the traditional life landscape. With the end of the agricultural era, the society has entered the post industrial era, the mass use of machines, the fickleness of people's minds, and the spirit of the craftsman who strives for perfection has gradually become lonely.

        Nowadays, the spirit of businessmen is rampant. Homogeneous products and low-end inferior products are everywhere in the hardware market. With the world's overcapacity and China's economic downturn, enterprises without competitive pressure in the past are facing huge survival challenges, and those enterprises with fake products are often impacted.

        According to China's hardware and electrical index, since the beginning of 2016, the overall price trend of the 12 categories of hardware and electrical equipment has been declining. Although the price has picked up in March, it has entered the spring purchasing season. The market has declined significantly compared with last year and even the previous years. Although the price of steel and other means of production has picked up, but affected by the poor demand, the purchasing volume of hardware and electrical market has been on a year-on-year basis Insufficient. Throughout the Yongkang hardware and electrical index, the 12 categories of hardware and electrical fell mainly. The decline of the price index means that the market of hardware and electrical equipment is still in good condition. The economic environment faced by the hardware industry this year is more strict. All hardware enterprises are thinking about how to break through the difficulties.

        On March 5, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned in his report on the work of the government that enterprises should be encouraged to carry out personalized customization and flexible production and cultivate the craftsman spirit of keeping improving.

        What is craftsman spirit? Craftsman spirit is to keep improving, pay attention to details, spend time and energy, and improve products repeatedly, from 99% to 99.99%. The spirit of craftsman is rigorous and meticulous. We must ensure the quality of each part and take strict testing standards for the products. We will not easily deliver the products if they do not meet the requirements. The spirit of craftsman is patience, concentration and persistence. Continuously improve products and services, craftsman spirit is professional, dedicated. The goal of craftsman spirit is to create good products in this industry, which can not be matched by other peers.

        Looking at the current situation of China's hardware and electrical products, we can see that they are poorly made, cheap and of poor quality, and low-end added value. The spirit of craftsman is the spirit that the hardware industry needs to find most? The hardware industry no longer needs these low-end and inferior products. Such products have no value and significance except for wasting financial resources and energy and resources. If you are a hardware entrepreneur, you may want to think deeply about how to pursue this craftsmanship spirit and how to find it back.
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