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        Unscramble character's personality from hardware tools

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        You will often see tests, make choices and analyze your personality, luck and so on.
        You will often see tests, make choices and analyze your personality, luck and so on. What kind of character do you think you will be from the perspective of hardware tools?

        Hardware tools - claw hammer. It's very direct to do things. I can do everything with a hammer, but I'm also a person who likes to pick. It's not that nail that I really don't want to pull out.

        Hardware tools - screwdriver. It's tactful and old-fashioned. It's easy to turn around and solve the problem unconsciously. It's very popular. Everyone likes to get along with you.

        Hardware tools - steel tape. Have personality, can bend and stretch, don't like to have pressure, but everything is under control.

        Hardware tools - vice. It's quiet and steady. It looks boring and dull on the outside. It doesn't have a large range of activities (angle). It's a master. Only when you need to make a move, you need to be steady, accurate and ruthless.

        Hardware tools - hardware wrench. Enjoy life, free and happy people, loose tight, see themselves happy. It's important to be able to adjust and change at any time and place without playing tricks. Life is just to live freely.
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